Efficient design of wind turbine blades requires solving several equations involving the lift coefficient and angle of attack for the airfoil of interest. This software allows you to specify the number of blades, required TSR, approximate efficiency of blades, the blade radius and wind speed. A set of blades that meet your specifications will be designed. The software will provide the calculated power output, torque and rotational speed that need to match your generator. Acknowledgment to Claus Nybroe for formulae
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Wind Turbine Blade Calculator

"Wind Turbine Blade Calculator 2012"
Updated until 24/01/2014
"Wind Turbine Blade Calculator"
9th January 2006
"Wind Turbine Blade Calculator"
Original- Retro 2003 Version
31st March 2011
"Interactive Wind Turbine Blade Calculator 2011"
"Wind Turbine Blade Calculator"
20th March 2009
Design custom blades for your generator and calculate power output at each wind speed.
Custom Wind Turbine Blade Plans Available from $4.95
Free sample chord sections can be generated for 0.70 m to 0.80 m blades (550 Watts - 710 Watts).
Preview of bonus material included with every purchase
Free plans for 500 W blades with each purchase.
Blade Calculator
Frequently asked questions about plan orders, blade design, electrical work and generator matching can be found on our Q&A pages.
"Wind Turbine Blade Calculator"
Current - updated 23/10/2015
1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction
1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction
"Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) DIY Blade Calculator (Unverified Version)"
2016 Beta Release. Send your results and data here to assist with verification
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