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About Area Units
Area conversions are used in general engineering as well as textiles, plastics, paint coverings, surface coverage and coatings; [turf, carpet, rubber matting, blinds, sheet materials (plaster, chipboard, ply, tin, steel)], architecture, land measurement, surface adsorption, rotor, propellor and turbine blade design.
The SI unit for pressure is Square Meters (m²). The standard measure for domestic land divisions is hectares (ha, 1 ha = 10,000 m²) or acres (ac). In imperial units of measurement; Square Rods (rod²) and Square Rod (Rod²) are subdivisions of the acre (ac).
Area Converter
Square Meters (m²)
Square Hectometers (hectare)
Square Kilometers (km²)
Square Inches (in²)
Square Feet (ft²)
Square Yards (yd²)
Acres (ac)
Square Centimeters (cm²)
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Square Millimeters (mm²)
Square Micrometers (µm²)
Square Mil (mil²)
Square Miles (mi²)
Square Chain (chain²)
Square Rod (rod²)
Square Feet (survey, ft²)
Square Miles (survey, mi²)