Length & Distance
(Function 1)
Kilograms (kg)
Grams (g)
Milligrams (mg)
Pounds (lb)
Troy Pounds (lbt)
Ounces (oz)
Troy Ounces (ozt)
Metric Ounce (oz)
Mass Converter
(Function 1)
Hundredweights (US, cwt)
Hundredweights (UK, cwt)
Quarterweights (US, qrt)
Quarterweights (UK, qrt)
Drams (dr)
Stone (st)
Pennyweights (pwt)
Carats (ct)
Tonne (t, metric)
Long Ton (UK, ton)
Short Ton (US, tn)
Kilopounds (kip)
Slugs (sl)
Dekagrams (dac)
Metric Slugs (hyl)
Micrograms (µg)
(Function 2)
Meters per Second (m/s)
Kilometers per Hour (km/h)
Kilometers per Second (km/s)
Feet per Second (ft/s)
Feet per Minute (ft/min)
Miles per Hour (mi/h)
Miles per Second (mi/s)
Velocity Converter
(Function 1)
Meters per Hour (m/h)
Centimeters per Minute (cm/min)
Centimeters per Second (cm/s)
Kilometes per Minute (km/min)
Feet per Hour (ft/h)
Miles per Minute (mi/min)
Mach (speed of sound)
Inches per Second (in/s)
Centimeters per Hour (cm/h)
Millimeters per Hour (mm/h)
Millimeters per Minute (mm/min)
Millimeters per Second (US, tn)
Yards per Hour (yd/h)
Yards per minute (yd/min)
Yards per second (yd/sec)
Inches per minute (in/mn)
(Function 2)
Cubic meters (m³)
Cubic Decimeters (dm³)
Cubic Centimeters (cm³)
Deciliters (dL)
Cubic Inches (in³)
Cubic Feet (ft³)
Cubic Yards (yd³)
Cubic Kilometers (km³)
Fluid Volume
Converter II
(large & technical units)
Cubic Millimeters (mm³)
Cubic Miles (mi³)
Imperial Gallons (UK. gal, imp gal)
Imperial Quarts (UK.qt, imp qt)
Imperial Barrels (UK. bbl, imp bbl)
Gallons (US, gal)
Quarts (US, qt)
Fluid Barrels (US, fluid bbl)
(Function 1)
(Function 2)
Beer Barrels (US, beer bbl)
Oil Barrels (US, oil bbl)
Gigaliter (GL)
Megaliter (ML)
Nanoliters (nL)
Picoliters (pL)
Milliliters (mL, cm³)
Liters (L)
Deciliters (dL)
Cubic Inches (in³)
Imperial Pints (UK, pt)
Dry Pints (US, dry pt)
Imperial Quarts (UK, qt)
Dry Quarts (US, dry qt)
Dry Volume Converter
Cup (AUS)
Cup (US)
Cup (UK)
Cup (CAN)
Tablespoon (UK, tbsp)
Tablespoon (US, tbsp)
Tablespoon (CAN, tbsp)
Tablespoon (AUS, tbsp)
(Function 1)
Imperial Gallons (UK. gal, imp gal)
Dry Gallons (US, dry gal)
Imperial Peck (UK. pk, imp pk)
Peck (US. pk)
Imperial Bushel (UK. bu, imp bu)
Bushel (US. bu)
Decaliters (dL)
Dry Barrels (US. dry bbl)
(Function 2)
Square Meters (m²)
Square Hectometers (hm²)
Square Kilometers (km²)
Square Inches (in²)
Square Feet (ft²)
Square Yards (yd²)
Acres (ac)
Square Centimeters (cm²)
Square Millimeters (mm²)
Square Micrometers (µm²)
Square Mil (mil²)
Square Miles (mi²)
Square Chain (chain²)
Square Rod (rod²)
Square Feet (survey, ft²)
Square Miles (survey, mi²)
(Function 1)
Area Converter
Fluid Volume Converter
(liquids, kitchen volumes)
Milliliters (mL, cm³)
Cup (AUS)
Liters (L)
Cubic Inches (in3)
Cup (USA)
Cup (UK)
Teaspoon (AUS, tsp)
Tablespoon (AUS, tbsp)
Deciliters (dL)
Cup (CAN)
Tablespoon (UK, tbsp)
Teaspoon (UK, tsp)
Tablespoon (US, tbsp)
Teaspoon (US, tsp)
Tablespoon (CAN, tbsp)
Teaspoon (CAN, tsp)
(Function 1)
Imperial Gallons (UK. gal, imp gal)
Imperial Quart (UK, qt, imp qt)
Imperial Pint (UK. pt, imp pt)
Imperial Fluid Ounce (UK. fl oz)
Gallon (US. gal)
Quart (US. qt)
Pint (US. pt)
Fluid Ounce (US. fl oz)
(Function 2)
Temperature Converter
Kelvin (K)
Celsius (°C)
Fahrenheit (°F)
Rankine (°R)
Newton (°N)
Delisle (°De)
Réaumur (°Ré)
Romer (°Rø)
Meters (m)
Millimeters (mm)
Centimeters (cm)
Kilometers (km)
Inches (in)
Feet (ft)
Yards (yd)
Miles (mi)
Decimeters (dm)
Micrometers (µm)
Nanometers (nm)
Furlong (fur)
League (lea)
Fathom (ftm)
Nautical Miles (International)
General Unit Converter
Unit conversions can be performed fast using this simple calculator application. Both common and less used units for temperature, mass, area, length, pressure, volume and velocity are included.
Keywords: Unit conversions, Metric, Imperial, SI Units, Kitchen Measurements.
Volume Unit Converter (Small)
Volume Unit Converter (Large)
Volume Unit Converter (Dry)
Mass Unit Converter
Temperature Unit Converter
Pressure Unit Converter
Velocity Unit Converter
Area Unit Converter
Length Unit Converter
Pressure Converter
(Function 1)
Atmospheres (atm, standard)
Pascals (Pa)
Kilopascals (kPa)
Torr (or mmHg)
Bar (bar)
Millibar (mbar)
Pounds per sq. inch (psi)
Atmospheres (at, technical)
Hectopascals (hPa)
Megapascals (MPa)
Barye (Ba)
Kilogram per square inch (ksi)
Meters sea water (msw)
Feet sea water (fsw)
Centimeters of water (cmH2O)
Inches of Mercury (inHg)
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