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The plans for the 3-blade, 730 mm (0.73 m), TSR 7 turbine can be purchased as a pdf document and is included with every purchase. The blade used in the 500 W page is the same as that shown in the schematics and uses an inverse airfoil design (spin in the reverse direction) giving equal efficiency to the standard design.
Keywords: Wind turbine plans, Wind turbine Schematics, Wind turbine construction, Inverse airfoil design.
Preview Page: 500 W Turbine Plans
Materials, Plans and Schematics for 3-Blades
730 mm (0.73 m), TSR 7
A high resolution PDF version is free with any purchased copy of the ‘Wind Turbine PDF plans’
Frequently asked questions about plan orders, blade design, electrical work and generator matching can be found on our Q&A pages.
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Figure 3: Pages 5 and 6; Stencils for the angle guide and dimensions for the skeleton root.
500 W Plans Preview
Figure 1: Pages 1 and 2; Materials and outlay cover page (left) and diagram for the layout of the chord cross section stencils and the hub (right).
Figure 2: Pages 3 and 4; Airfoil chord section stencils for the 3-bladed, 730 mm, TSR 7 turbine (left) and dimensions for the hub and angle guide (right).