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About Velocity Units
Velocity conversions are used in general engineering as well as motor vehicle transportation, air travel, projectile measurement, sports science, astrophysics and more. The SI unit for velocity is Meter per Second (m/s). Miles per hour (mi/h) is frequently used.
Velocity Converter
Meters per Second (m/s)
Kilometers per Hour (km/h)
Kilometers per Second (km/s)
Feet per Second (ft/s)
Feet per Minute (ft/min)
Miles per Hour (mi/h)
Miles per Second (mi/s)
(Function 1)
Meters per Hour (m/h)
Centimeters per Minute (cm/min)
Centimeters per Second (cm/s)
Kilometes per Minute (km/min)
Feet per Hour (ft/h)
Miles per Minute (mi/min)
Mach (speed of sound)
Inches per Second (in/s)
(Function 2)
Centimeters per Hour (cm/h)
Millimeters per Hour (mm/h)
Millimeters per Minute (mm/min)
Millimeters per Second (US, tn)
Yards per Hour (yd/h)
Yards per minute (yd/min)
Yards per second (yd/sec)
Inches per minute (in/mn)