Volume Unit Converter (liquids and kitchen volumes)
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About Volume Units
General Unit Converter
Volume conversions are used in general engineering as well as motor vehicle engine capacity, fuel mixtures, beverage & cocktail mixing  and more. The SI unit for volume is Liters (L). Convert cooking volumes from Australia, America, Canada and the USA.
Volume Converter
(liquids, kitchen volumes)
Milliliters (mL, cm³)
Cup (AUS)
Liters (L)
Cubic Inches (in³)
Cup (USA)
Cup (UK)
Teaspoon (AUS, tsp)
Tablespoon (AUS, tbsp)
(Function 1)
Deciliters (dL)
Cup (CAN)
Tablespoon (UK, tbsp)
Teaspoon (UK, tsp)
Tablespoon (US, tbsp)
Teaspoon (US, tsp)
Tablespoon (CAN, tbsp)
Teaspoon (CAN, tsp)
(Function 2)
Imperial Gallons (UK. gal, imp gal)
Imperial Quart (UK, qt, imp qt)
Imperial Pint (UK. pt, imp pt)
Imperial Fluid Ounce (UK. fl oz)
Gallon (US. gal)
Quart (US. qt)
Pint (US. pt)
Fluid Ounce (US. fl oz)