Dry Volume Converter
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Dry Volume
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General Unit Converter
About Dry Volume Units
Dry varge volume conversions are used in general engineering as well as capacities foods & minerals, preparing dry mixtures,  and more. The SI unit for volume is Liters (L). Convert dry cooking volumes from Australia, America, Canada and the USA.
Volume Converter
(solids, dry volume)
Milliliters (mL, cm³)
Liters (L)
Deciliters (dL)
Cubic Inches (in³)
Imperial Pints (UK, pt)
Dry Pints (US, dry pt)
Imperial Quarts (UK, qt)
Dry Quarts (US, dry qt)
(Function 1)
Cup (AUS)
Cup (US)
Cup (UK)
Cup (CAN)
Tablespoon (UK, tbsp)
Tablespoon (US, tbsp)
Tablespoon (CAN, tbsp)
Tablespoon (AUS, tbsp)
(Function 2)
Imperial Gallons (UK. gal, imp gal)
Dry Gallons (US, dry gal)
Imperial Peck (UK. pk, imp pk)
Peck (US. pk)
Imperial Bushel (UK. bu, imp bu)
Bushel (US. bu)
Decaliters (dL)
Dry Barrels (US. dry bbl)