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General Unit Converter
Mass conversions are used in general engineering as well as concreting, garden supplies, soil removal, construction metals and ceramics as well as loading capacities (car, truck, forklift). Domestically, mass conversions are used in the measure of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, body mass, lift mass, postage and more. The SI Unit for mass is kilogram (kg).
About Mass Units
Tonne (t, metric)
Long Ton (UK, ton)
Short Ton (US, tn)
Kilopounds (kip)
Slugs (sl)
Dekagrams (dac)
Metric Slugs (hyl)
Micrograms (µg)
(Function 2)
(Function 1)
Hundredweights (US, cwt)
Hundredweights (UK, cwt)
Quarterweights (US, qrt)
Quarterweights (UK, qrt)
Drams (dr)
Stone (st)
Pennyweights (pwt)
Carats (ct)
Kilograms (kg)
Grams (g)
Milligrams (mg)
Pounds (lb)
Troy Pounds (lbt)
Ounces (oz)
Troy Ounces (ozt)
Metric Ounce (oz)
Mass Converter
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