Free apps are currently in beta testing for reliability and accuracy. Bug reports can be sent via the contact us page.
Short calculations are fast to carry out using a calculator application designed specifically for each task. Software written to simplify our ongoing research is progressively incorporated into web based apps. Apps for domestic use have been designed upon request as a range of separate calculators. Fast access to the most commonly used conversions allows ease of use, with less frequently used calculations in 'function' keys. 
Warlock Apps: Tools and Calculators
Temperature Converter
Temperature Converter
Free Unit
Web app (HTML5)
Go To General Unit Converter
- Time unit converter          - Descriptors of unit origins
- Sub-unit breakdowns       - Colour icons, dials and skins
Updates to the 'General Unit Converter' are in progress throughout 2016 and include;
This free app has full names for units, abbreviations and rounding options. Dials have up to three functions that select up to 24 unit conversions per measuring unit.
- more details...
Convert between units for;
- Temperature
- Area
- Velocity
- Mass       
- Pressure   
- Length (Distance)
- Volume (Fluids and Dry)
Convert temperature units between celsius and fahrenheit, cooking volumes used for recipes in different countries and velocity or distance between metric and imperial systems. Area unit conversions are useful for real estate or building and pressure conversions are needed for tyre inflation, diving and distillation.
Web app (HTML5)
Go To 'Wind Turbine Blade Calculator'
Wind Turbine Blade Calculator
Design blades for an existing generator or decide on the best blade size to manufacture using the 'Wind Turbine Blade Calculator'.
Free plans are available to download for 0.70 to 0.80 meter radius blades (2.27 to 2.62 foot radius), suited to domestic turbines. Custom plans for are available to purchase as a pdf and can be generated in both metric or imperial measurements. Maximum blade length is 10 meters (32.8 foot for imperial) and the minimum is 310 mm (1 foot for imperial), although custom designs outside this range can be produced upon request.
The 'Wind Turbine Blade Calculator' is situated in the projects section of the web page. Details for blade manufacture and mould production are also described, along with test results for finished blades.
The 'Wind Turbine Blade Calculator' solves equations for power at each windspeed using the number of blades, radius and TSR.
Use the 'Wind Turbine Blade Calculator' to design blades for your generator at the average wind speed of your site.

300 MHz Cryomagnet Deconstruction
300 MHz Cryomagnet Deconstruction
1800 mm Blades and Generator
500 W Blades
500 Watt Blades
Visit our projects page
1800 mm
Blades and Generator
Volume Unit Converter
Volume Unit Converter
Converting Volume Units
Cooking volumes in cups, tablespoons and teaspoons are different between Australia, United States, Canada and England. This volume converter can convert to metric units (mL and Litres) and between measurements from different countries.
WarlockApps is in open BETA to monitor and test apps under construction.
Enjoy new material as it appears and we welcome feedback during our development phase.
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