Design custom blades for your generator and calculate power output at each wind speed.
Free sample chord sections can be generated for 0.70 m to 0.80 m blades (550 Watts - 710 Watts).
Preview of bonus material included with every purchase
Free plans for 500 W blades with each purchase.
Blade Calculator
Warlock Engineering has been involved in the design and construction of microwave heating apparatus for chemical synthesis. Other ongoing projects include the documented deconstruction of chemistry and physics instrumentation for educational purposes.
Keywords: Chemical Microwave Reactor, Dielectric Measurement, NMR Deconstruction.


"Microwave Chemistry Reactor"
5th December 2003
"Dielectric ‘Loss Factor’ (e’’) Measurement Over RF Frequencies Between 0.1 - 40.0 GHz for Common Organic Chemicals."
6th June 2004
"Deconstruction of a 300 MHz Cryomagnet for NMR Spectroscopy"
18th June 2010
Frequently asked questions about plan orders, blade design, electrical work and generator matching can be found on our Q&A pages.
Chemistry Articles
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1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction
1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction