Question 1 (before purchase)
I am interested in a blade radius between 5.5 m and 10.0 m (approx 30kW - 100kW) - $89.95.
I have a few questions
1. Does the plan include how to construct the stator?       
2. What diameter size of rotor?
3. Wiring schematics
  a. Coil how many turns?
  b. What size of wire awg
  a. How to wire the individual rectifier?
  b. how to wire battery system?
Questions and Answers
General comments about our computer generated wind turbine plans
This page is intended to help with common questions about our plans for wind turbine blades. The blade calculator will design blades for a generator you already own or have built.
The assembly of chord shapes is in numerical order, with the lowest chord number closest to the center and the highest chord number at the tip of the blade.
We have 3 Question and Answers pages dedicated to specific topics
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Question 1: Answer
Our plans specify blueprints of airfoil cross sections, as shown on the preview page. These are generated as .pdf files.
Use the blade calculator to match these airfoil sections with the RPM and Power of the generator you currently own. It is important to match the RPM and Power to an existing generator as it is more challenging to design a generator to match existing blades
Please note: no materials for constructing the turbine blades are included (pdf document only) we offer custom blueprints for the blades alone. The plans for turbine blades between 5.5 m and 10 m are quite large and include many cross sections, taking from 7 to 10 business days to produce.
There is no page missing, the assembly order of the blades is in numerical order. The lowest number is closest to the hub (center) and the highest number is the one at the tip (at maximum radius). The 3 blade bonus is given as a working example for how to position the chord shapes along the root and the same method is applied to all size blades.
Can you please supply an assembly figure to illustrate the order, or resend an updated/corrected pdf with the page?
In the plans that you attached for 3 blades, 960 W at 10 m/s, there appears to be a page missing that shows the assembly order for the differing chord shapes, as per that given in the bonus 3 blade: 500 W: 12.5 m/s version.
Question 2 (after purchase & delivery)
Question 2: Answer
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Frequently asked questions about plan orders, blade design, electrical work and generator matching can be found on our Q&A pages.
Topic 1: Plan Questions
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At distances closest to the hub, you may notice that some of the chord shapes are missing (for example, chord 1 will never be used). The chord closest to the centre should be an appropriate size to fit all blades to your generator and the next few equally spaced chord sections will taper in size until the blade shape begins.
Depending on your generator design, the shape of the first chord sections will vary and you'll have to customize it to fit. General assembly illustrations are now included on the order page.