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10 kW Axial Flux Generator
600 Watt Dumpload Charge Controller
10 kW Axial Flux Pancake Generator for 2-Blade Wind Turbine
A 10 kW permanent magnet electric generator has been built and tested for use with a high tsr 5 m blade diameter wind turbine. The system was configured for 15 phase, 15 coils and 16 poles. Each coil is individually rectified to dc, reducing cogging and allowing better control over the output voltage. Read more...
Construction of a Wind Turbine Dump-Load Charge Controller
Overcharging lead-acid batteries shortens life and capacity. If the battery voltage is not kept below 14.4 Volts permanent capacity loss will occur. Voltage regulation is typically achieved by either stopping the wind turbine by shorting the generators EMF or by diverting (dumping) the power into a resistive load (heater).  A universal 4-stage dump-load charge controller circuit (with load) was designed and built. Read more...
Warlock Engineering conduct research on wind energy technology. Our main objective has always been to reduce the cost without sacrificing the wind turbines performance or reliability. The papers presented below offer cost affordable and simplified designs for the homemade wind turbine builder. Projects have been built using basic tools found in any home workshop.
Keywords: Axial Flux Pancake Generator, Dump-Load Charge Controller, PMG, Permanent Magnet Generator.