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10 kW Carbon Fibre Blades
1.8 m Carbon Fibre Blades and Generator
Darrieus Turbine
500 Watt Kevlar Wind Turbine, 3 Blades, 1.4 m Diameter
10 kW (13 m/s), 5 Metre Diameter Carbon Fibre Blades
A 10 kW wind turbine blade set has been built for use with the 10 kW, 15 phase Axial flux pancake generator. When attached to the turbine it is estimated to produce approx 4-5 kW of electrical power at 50% efficiency with 8-10 kW of mechanical power driving the generator. The total cost of the turbine blades was AU$405 and the blades were constructed with typical home-workshop tools. Read more...
1.8 Metre Diameter Carbon Fibre Turbine Blades & Generator
The Darrieus Disaster
We decided to construct a prototype 2 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) using a straight blade Darrieus design. The Darrieus vertical axis windmill was patented in 1927 by the French Inventor Georges Darrieus and is a lesser known alternative to the typical 3 bladed HAWT. Read more...
1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction
A 1.4 metre diameter wind turbine was designed and constructed out of kevlar/glass composite material. The blades have been designed to produce useable power in 30 km/h (8 m/s, 150 W) to 60 km/h (16.6 m/s, 1 kW) wind speeds. This 3-blade turbine was constructed using an inverse camber NACA2412 airfoil. The blade power and efficiency was measured at various tip-speed-ratios. Read more...
Warlock Engineering conduct research on wind energy technology. Our main objective has always been to reduce the cost without sacrificing the wind turbines performance or reliability. The papers presented below offer cost affordable and simplified designs for the homemade wind turbine builder. All turbines have been built for a fraction of the cost of commercial wind turbines with basic tools found in any home workshop.
Keywords: Carbon Fibre Blades, Kevlar Blades, Wind Turbine Blade Design, VAWT, HAWT.
A 1 kW @ 12.5 m/s (2 kW @ 17 m/s) 1.8 metre diameter wind turbine was designed and constructed out of carbon fibre. The generator was built by converting an induction motor into a permanent magnet generator. The wind turbine blades power and efficiency has been measured at different tip-speed-ratios and a maximum efficiency of 30% at a TSR of 11.6 was recorded, verifying the blade calculators accuracy. Read more...