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Microwave Chemistry Reactor
Dielectric ‘Loss Factor’ (e’’) Measurement Over RF Frequencies
Deconstruction of a 300 MHz Cryomagnet for NMR Spectroscopy
Microwave Chemistry Reactor
In the course of investigations into microwave assisted chemical reactions, problems were encountered due to the reaction scale upon which many commercial reactors are currently operating. Obtaining reasonable quantities of material (more than 10g) became laborious and it was also discovered that many solvents with low dielectric absorption were heated due to the ferrite core of the stirrer bar heating up. Read more...
Dielectric Loss Factor (e'') Measurement Over RF Frequencies Between 0.1 - 40.0 GHz for Common Organic Chemicals.
Using an Agilent Network Analyzer with open ended dielectric measurement probe (85070e dielectric probe kit), the ‘loss factor’ (e’’) of common organic solvents has been measured between the range 0.1 to 40.0 GHz. Measurements were conducted in 250 mL pyrex reaction vessels filled with 125 mL of solvent, the end of the probe submersed to a depth of 5 mm. Read more...
Deconstruction of a 300 MHz Cryomagnet for NMR Spectroscopy
A decommissioned 300 MHz (7 T) superconducting cryomagnet was deconstructed and the insulation necessary to house the superconducting magnet at 4 K was progressively removed. The liquid nitrogen and liquid helium vessels were removed separately. The magnetic core was then dismantled. Read more...
Warlock Engineering has been involved in the design and construction of microwave heating apparatus for chemical synthesis. Other ongoing projects include the documented deconstruction of chemistry and physics instrumentation for educational purposes.
Keywords: Chemical Microwave Reactor, Dielectric Measurement, NMR Deconstruction.