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This page is intended to help with common questions about our plans for wind turbine blades. The blade calculator will design blades for a generator you already own or have built.

The assembly of chord shapes is in numerical order, with the lowest chord number closest to the center and the highest chord number at the tip of the blade
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In your plans "10 kW, 15 phase Axial flux pancake generator for 2-blade Wind Turbine" in the abstract page;
"Each coil is individually rectified to DC, reducing cogging and allowing better control over the output voltage".
Can you help me with the schematic of how each coil is individual rectified and how they are wired to the battery? I would highly appreciate your assistance.
The coils were wired individually to collect more data during testing.
I advise you to use a 3-phase coil wiring, or use single phase for simplicity.
Can you provide some more information on your design?
I am building the blades for down wind turbine that will go on to a 1 kW generator.
Blades = 2
Wind speed = 5 m/s
Blade length = 1.15 m
Why have you used the NACA2412 airfoil?
Thanks for supporting our site. The reason we used NACA2412 airfoil was because it was described by a reference in our early research, and it worked, so there was no need to change it.
-You haven't specified TSR. This can be calculated from the RPM of your generator at rated power.
Please email your required TSR or power @ RPM
-You are running at very low wind speed, I would suggest a few guidelines for a low start-up:
1. Use a very low cogging generator, axial flux core-less would be the best.
2. More blades at a low TSR will give a better startup torque to get over the cogging effect.
-If you are not using a axial-flux core-less generator i would recommend 3 - 5 blades with a TSR of 4 - 7 depending on the RPM of your generator.
Custom Wind Turbine Blade Plans Available from $4.95
Free plans for 500 W blades with each purchase.
Generate FREE sample chord sections between
0.70 to 0.80 m (550 Watts to 710 Watts).
Design custom blades for your generator
Blade Calculator
Free sample chord sections can be generated for 0.70 m to 0.80 m blades (550 Watts - 710 Watts).
Free sample chord sections for blades between 0.7 and 0.8 m
Design custom blades for your generator and calculate power output at each wind speed.
Blade Calculator
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1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction
1.4 Metre Diameter 3-Blade Wind Turbine Construction