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Background: We needed to find a location to set up a permanent 2 kW turbine for performance monitoring and we decided to help out our friend Scott. He desperately needed to save money on his electricity bill due to all his wild parties.
Design: An alternate design had to be approached, so we decided to construct a prototype 2 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) using a straight blade Darrieus design. The Darrieus vertical axis windmill was patented in 1927 by the French Inventor Georges Darrieus and is a lesser known alternative to the typical 3 bladed HAWT
Construction: The Darrieus airfoil was traced onto pieces of chipboard (20 inch x 3 inch x 0.5 inch) and cut to shape with a jig-saw and a rasp. Each piece of chip-board was drilled, then glued together using two long threaded rods for alignment. Measuring and cutting took several hours to complete, but was well worth the effort
Keywords: Wind power, Permanent Magnet Generator, Induction motor to PMA conversion, 1kw wind turbine, carbon fiber wind turbine blades
Testing: At 65 km/hr the turbine was really going!!! I was sort of hesitant to stick my head out of the window at this speed and have a look, so I wound up the window. The load was applied and we were able to generate a few hundred watts for a several seconds then there was a big WOOSHHHHH and the blade came flying off into some poor blokes paddock.
The Darrieus Disaster
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Tested HAWT Turbine
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